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About Us


DGF GRAPHICS has been in the vinyl  business since 2000. It All started when I wanted to make some extra money for an Early Bronco I was restoring. So since the graphic company I worked for in Atlanta, Georgia had a plotter I thought it would be a good way to make my own designs and sell the  decals on ebay. Yes, I did restore the Bronco with the help of the decal business (and my husband) . Ironically I sold the Bronco to help open our first storefront in 2009.

All  the vinyl work is made to order, and we do a lot of our own designing.  There is no China, or Mexico pre-made vinyl work here.

We still do t-shirts that are screen printed, however because of my inability to stand for long periods we have a reliable contract printer do  the screen printing jobs. We  do one of a kind shirts in-house with the use of Thermal Heat Transfers and screen print transfers (Most of these designs are for sale on this site)

Our biggest pride is the quality and detail we provide in our vinyl designs. We have very few simple designs. Some designs are purchased but a lot of  the dogs, cars, trucks, heavy equipment and motorcycles were drawn by us.

The decals that are for sale here are mainly for cars, trucks and the like. They can be put on windows, door panels, tailgates, fenders,  mailboxes, interior painted doors, Laptops, Computer cases, etc. Really anything with a flat clean surface. We do a lot of sign work for businesses. Storefront metal signs, decorative post signs 3D letters and much more.

If you need something custom made and do not see it on our site, please contact us and we will be happy to get you a quote.

Thank you, Sue