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Returns Policy

We will replace any item that is damaged in shipping. Any item will be replaced once we have visual proof they were mishandled during shipping. Decals will not be replaced if they are damaged during application. (Please read the application instructions carefully that come with your decal)

If  personalized text is miss-spelled due to our fault we will replace the item no charge to the customer, HOWEVER if the mistake is not ours we will NOT replace the item. PLEASE check your spelling when sending us correspondence with personalized text. We go off of what customer sends. Do Not expect us to do spell check for you.

If you order an incorrect size t-shirt we are not responsible. HOWEVER, if it is NOT personalized (either no text was added or it is a standard design that is not modified) we will let you send the original back and for just the cost of shipping will send you  the correct size.


We ship USPS First class mail for Decals and for single t-shirts. Multiple t-shirts are sent Priority mail. Items will be shipped out 1 to 5 business days on average. During busy seasons (Christmas) our shipping time , especially for t-shirts may be as long as 7 days.   Once your item ships we will send confirmation of shipment. You will send a tracking number once your package is mailed.  Please remember that once a package leaves our shop it is in the hands of the Postal system and we have no control over shipping time.

Decals that can fit inside a standard envelope will be sent first class mail  WITHOUT a tracking number.

Additional Information;

We are happy to send proofs of any design so that you can see how the text is displayed or an image is layed out. Just ask for the proof via email.  Please note that this may delay your item  while we are waiting  to hear back from you on the design.

We will do custom orders upon request.